The Man Behind the Music

For DJ Jovie J. music knows no boundaries.  Jovie, who has been DJ’ing professionally for over 18 years, has a repertory that criss-crosses and incorporates every imaginable genre of music.  His audiences are always wowed by his inventive and often unconventional mixes that push the boundaries of his creativity.

Jovie’s ability to create a mix of music that beautifully matches the personalities of his clients, and the events they host, means he is in high-demand in both Montreal and Toronto.  From corporate events for clients such as Corus Entertainment, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Birks and Parasuco to private high-profile events for Fashion and Flare magazines as well as the Montreal and Toronto Fashion Weeks, Jovie’s eclectic mixes are always an essential ingredient to an unforgettable party.

Jovie’s engaging music can also be enjoyed at his residencies at Toronto’s Bier Market and William’s Landing lounges where his mixes serve as the ideal backdrop to a perfect evening.  He has also been asked to collaborate with artists including Robin Anton from the Pussy Cat Dolls on re-mixes of songs.

Whether they’re 16 or 80-years-old, into country music or lovers of hip-hop, Jovie’s fans are always excited to find out what he is going to serve up next.